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Safe Pay is powered by best in the industry technologies that help you receive and send crypto and fiat payments instantly. Support your finances with the world’s first decentralized, secure and ultra-fast payment gateway.


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Secure & Fast
Secure & Fast

Get started with our secured block chain-based payment gateway in just a few clicks.

Secure & Fast

Accept Crypto Payments

The system automatically credits the crypto payments into fiat.

Secure & Fast

Instant Settlements

Instantly settle your crypto payments with the Safe Pay payment suite.

Secure & Fast

Smart Collect

Automate multiple crypto transactions compatible with cross-platforms.

Powerful and top-notch online payment gateway.

Built on the VYNK ULTRA CHAIN network, the payment gateway is well equipped with integrated tools to help your business with finances. With APIs and E-Commerce integrated systems you have the power to build a smooth flow of crypto as well as fiat transactions.

  • All-in-one payment solution for your business.
  • Accept payments in crypto and get credited in fiat.
  • Fast and Hassle-free settlements.
  • 24x7 online user-friendly payment platform.
  • Flexible and instant crypto payment solution.
  • Powerful tools and easy-to-use features.
Secure Payments

Secure Payments

The most hype genertaion payments

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Accept payments with SAFEPAY!

Accept payments
Global Platform

Easily accept and send payments from both domestic and international clients.

Accept payments

World’s First Decentralized Payment Gateway that supports both fiat and crypto transactions.

Accept payments
Easy Transactions

Payment link and QR code enabled system for hassle-free payments.

Accept payments
Cheaper Transactions

Enjoy fiat payments at minimum transaction fees and crypto payments on zero base fee.

Accept payments
Flexible Invoices

Easily create invoices and bill your customers anytime and anywhere.

Accept payments
Payout Solutions

100% free transactions with zero base fee on crypto payments.

SAFEPAY for a Hassle free platform

Reimagine your finances with a premier decentralized payment platform SAFEPAY

Safe Pay empowers your monthly finances and streamlines your business payment flow with cutting-edge decentralized payment tools, advanced technologies and easy-to-use features. We envision creating an ecosystem that is compatible with both crypto and fiat currencies for domestic and international transactions.

  • World’s first decentralized global payment suite.
  • Secure and fast crypto and fiat payments.
  • Instant transactions with payment links and QR code.
  • User-friendly tools for business accounting and invoices.
  • No limit on crypto and fiat transactions.
Hassle free


Safe Pay is well equipped with world-class features that power up your businesses with effortless and uninterrupted payments. Now accept and send payments in popular crypto and fiat currencies to people across the globe.

Instant Activation
Instant Activation

Sign up using your email and instantly activate your Safe Pay account to start receiving and sending payments.

Easy Integration
Easy Integration

Decentralized payment suite with APIs and e-commerce integrations to support businesses.

Payment modes
100+ Payment modes

Compatible with multiple payment modes for flexible transactions.


Being decentralized the system is laced with advanced technologies that make it a most secure payment portal.

Customer Support
Customer Support

Our customer care team is available 24x7 to assist you in your financial endeavours.

Easy to use
Easy to use

Equipped with user-friendly tools and simplified system design for a smooth payment experience.

Get safe pay for secure and efficient finance management.

Safe Pay brings you an all-in-one payment solution for online and offline businesses. Get your Safe Pay account today and back your finances with zero transaction fees on crypto payments. Secure your payments with the world's first decentralized payment gateway that brings together both fiat and crypto transactions on the same platform.